Our Mission

It is the mission of Learning Matters Educational Group to be a superior educational services company and to provide innovative choices to the communities we serve.

We create new educational opportunities,provide educational excellence, and encourage educational reform in order to positively impact the communities we serve.

• Increasing expectations
• Raising standards
• Encouraging innovation
• Empowering our people
• Leading educational reform
• Implementing successful market-based business practices
• Valuing stakeholder input and communication
• Exceeding standard norms for educational services
• And continuously improving and innovating our programs and services

Learning Matters Educational Group has an educational philosophy that sets us apart from most other education companies. We emphasize:
• A rigorous, standards-based academic program.
• A company culture based on shared principles of trust, integrity and hard work.
• A sound financial system to ensure stability and longevity of the company and of each school.
• A strong character education program encouraging citizenship, character, responsibility and school and community pride.
• A professional learning community with a positive culture.